About Me

Hi, I'm Joe

For over ten years I have worked as a Gaffer alongside talented production companies, creative agencies and Directors of Photography from across the country on all types of productions, large to small, helping to create beautiful imagery (in my opinion anyway) through lighting.

Lighting has always been a unique interest of mine. As I have grown in my career as a Gaffer I have come to learn that, for me at least, lighting offers the rare combination of engineering and science while blending and often blurring the line between the inspiration and subjectiveness of an art form. Working with lighting in the advertising and marketing fields has allowed me a true sense of both creative and professional satisfaction through the unique sets of challenges and collaborative problem solving that each job can bring. In short, I love what I do.

I am based in Louisville, KY but my unique geographic location puts me within a days drive of more than half of the major cities and population centers in the United States. Needless to say, I can and do travel quite a bit for work and have been all over the US doing my Gaffer thing.

Thanks and happy filming! - Joe